Text Box: 456 Coon Trail
Possum Gump, LA 35894
Text Box: Dis’ ear’ restoront’ is some midy’ good stuff!  Butta’z continuez to ligidimicize its own self as one of da’ high quality places for grub.  Mean Green Buttabean and Flapjack Joe stoted dis’ ear’ place in the year 2000.  From there highly imaginitative mine’z of two a’ da’ finess’ foke’z you’ze eva’ seen!  Welcome to Butta’z!
Text Box: We take’z da’ cash, if’n you wont’z ta pay anotha’ way you bes’ haz’ somethin’ good!
Text Box: Fine fine

Text Box: Offerin’ you da’ finest’ quality Southin’/New Olinz’ style’z grub aroun’

Text Box: Phone: 555-123-butta
E-mail: buttamasta@butta.butta

Text Box: Menu

Text Box: Butta’z

Text Box: Ower’z
Munday—Saterday:  Open ta’ Cloze
Sunday:      We’ze don’ werk on Sunday!
Butta Rib’z
Make you wanna smack yo’ mama’!!                             12.95
Butta Bean’z
Owe’ own good bean’z and butta conebread                      9.95
Butta Serlown’
Shnap!  Dis’ iz’ good steak in butta marinade!                12.95
Butta Jumbalonja’
Chicken and Sausage jumbalonja’ with butta                  13.50
Butta Stew
Mouth waterin’ goodness!  Real butta broth!                      8.72