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  Thank you for visiting my site!  This is the homepage for SteveSims ArtStudio, the place where creativity reign's supreme.  The purpose of this website is to illuminate you on the many facets of my work.  Firstly, if you came here from a link from another site you can feel free to email me at this link:  Steve for inquiries on web-design.

  The other purpose of this website is for my own creative outlet.  I love creating desktop designs (also known as wallpaper) and other digital media for enjoyment.  I also love the world of Marvel Superheroes and have several of my own characters in development.  Do to a lack of personal commitment to my creations most of the work on this site is only sketches or digitally enhanced sketches.  I really need to do that...  Anyway, I also enjoy being a musician, if you go to the creations front page and scroll to the bottom you'll find a link for a Flash intro movie of one of my characters.  Attached is a sound file playing with it that is known as BULLETPROOF, which is me and my very talented buddy Billy's project or band with only two members.  Billy does the guitars, drums, bass and production and all I do is sit in and add the vocals.  There will be more to come there...

  Thanks, Steve

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