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Hero Wallpaper

Miami Dolphins Wallpaper




MARVEL   and others...

    Marvel and there characters are my biggest influences.

Hero Battle Color/pencils

HeroBattlePencils.jpg (114503 bytes)       

Various Sketches

    sketches of my favorite characters


Gladiator Juggernaut





  Colors  MARVEL and others







What a difference someone who knows how to color makes!!  This one done by a member of the Fan Art forum!




Original artwork and characters

    These are characters that I've developed over the years (and still working on), most of these are just rough sketches unless otherwise marked...  Hope you enjoy the concepts!  They were done without the benefit of erasers, I usually like sketching with pen.  This is the base of my characters though which will hopefully come to life one day in the pages of a comic!

    Slaughter is my first and favorite character!  At appearance he's a mixture of HULK, Thor and a little Captain America all together (not intended, just by comparison)!  I only have a couple pictures now because I've changed him many times over and these are the ones I'm happy with right now...

        The first sketch is the idea for the penciled picture below.  The rest are just good idea's that will be done in pencils.





Here is Slaughter 2006 colored in PS CS


This is my ninja character, second one I created, he is redone often and I like this concept. This is a pretty good color version also.  After years of development  I'm actually happy with this version!  Accessories may be added but this is the costume! 



    Mako was one of the last characters I created and one of the neatest!  Very interesting and original costume design also, as the namesake he is named after the shark and his weapons and costume portray that.



    Manta Ray is another interesting character, Batman, Spawn and Namor fused together.  The cunning of Batman, Abyss origin of Namor and the living cape costume like Spawn though Manta's cape is affected by water.



I like the idea of TRUK, he is another muscle-bound character, I have many idea's for him... 

This is a full pencils picture of him.

TRUKPencils.jpg (30338 bytes)

TRUK concept art, sketch


Tundra is my first Super-Villain, more to come...


Group Shots

These are concepts I sketched after seeing scenes in my mind.

Mako and Mongoose, Mako and Tundra and Slaughter fighting Tundra in a sewer, real pencils to come.


Various Characters

Preview of characters from a novel I'm working on...

TRUK, TRUK and Lord Gim, Banion below, Pirate Captain, not actual finished products









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